Versimats - Oil Absorbent Mats

MyCelx®  Versimats are an Oil Absorbent Mat which incorporate a unique, patented polymer that is capable of instantly & permanently removing fuel, sheen and oil in water. The polymer binds together and coagulates the hydrocarbons, specifically altering oils and water soluble organics into a water repellant mass. MyCelx®  Versimats prevent weathering and separation of pollutants on contact, will not become waterlogged and can be re-used until they are fully saturated. Each Versimat is a 60” x 120” absorbent mat on rope with connectors on each end. The Versimats will float indefinitely, are highly versatile and can be used in any of the following applications:

  • Oil sweep to pick up both a spill & sheen
  • Tied on the back side of Oil Booms to protect against oil escaping due to wave action
  • Outfall Protection
  • Attached together to form a continuous Oil-Absorbent Barrier

Each Versimat only weighs 2.2 lbs., but is capable of absorbing 60 – 120 lbs. of oil without absorbing water. Once the Versimat is fully saturated, they are an excellent ignition source.

MyCelx®  polymer is synthesized from naturally occurring oils with 100% conversions from raw materials into the polymer, resulting in no waste by-products from the manufacturing process.


Technical Data Sheet