Tyler Schierholtz is a licenced Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), a certified Environmental Practitioner (EP), and a graduate of the University of Guelph’s Environmental Engineering program. After working as an Environmental Consultant specializing in environmental due diligence and site remediation for a period of approximately 10 years, Tyler transitioned into the Environmental Contracting industry by joining GFEI as a Project Manager.

In his current role as a Project Manager in GFEI’s Technologies Division, Tyler is able to leverage his consulting background to provide insightful guidance and technical expertise for soil and groundwater remediation projects. Tyler takes pride in providing a client-focused approach to environmental remediation, carefully evaluating all potential remediation options in order to provide an unbiased and cost-effective solution. In many cases, the best remediation solution will involve a combination of several remediation technologies – such as multi-phase extraction, in-situ chemical oxidation, and bioremediation.

During the past several years, Tyler has focused a significant amount of his professional efforts towards the development of in-situ remediation equipment and methodologies – helping to bridge the all-too-common gap between theory and real-world performance. Tyler was instrumental in the development of GFEI's Injection Trailer and he is always excited for the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of new and emerging remediation technologies.