Sheen Mops - Best Solution to Small Oil Spills

The Sheen Mop is the most convenient and easy to use spill product you need to quickly and permanently clean up small oil and fuel spills, including sheen!  The Sheen Mop incorporates the amazing and unique MyCelx polymer into a handy mop that can stored close to your fueling operations or hung on the wall in in your Marina for easy access. No longer do you need to bend down to clean up spills, or throw a bunch of absorbent pads on the water, only to throw them out despite it being just a small spill.

Do you find it impossible to remove oil / fuel sheen from the water? Your other spill products just tend to push the sheen around? The Sheen Mop is simply the best product in the market for removing sheen - simple drag or sweep the Sheen Mop across the spill and the mop head will instantly & permanently absorb the hydrocarbons, while repelling the water.

The Sheen Mop will not release any of the hydrocarbons it has absorbed so you can continue to use the Sheen Mop until it is fully saturated. Once the Sheen Mop is completely saturated, dispose of the old head and easily install a new replacement Sheen Mop Head.

Whether in the marina, factory or garage, use the Sheen Mop any place that would normally require getting on your hands and knees and wiping up fuel / oil spills with a absorbent pad. For small spills and sheen on top of water, there is only one solution - the Sheen Mop.

Each Sheen Mop is comprised of two parts: the Sheen Mop Head and the Wooden handle. Contact us today for your very own Sheen Mop!