Treatment of Process Water:

Water is one of our most precious commodities and the recycling and reuse of process water not only saves you money, but also protects our natural environment. Ground Force Environmental offers both turnkey, modular process water treatment systems as well as custom systems to meet your individual needs. The MyCelx ® Treatment System is the most cost-effective, small footprint, low maintenance system to treat your process water.

MyCelx ® Process Water Treatment  Systems incorporate the patented, unique, self-activating polymer that has the ability to bind together and coagulate hydrocarbons, specifically altering oils and water soluble organics into a water repellant mass. The polymer enables the instant and permanent removal of hydrocarbons (including oil sheen) without developing pressure or blocking flow in filters. Depending on your needs and existing infrastructure, we can offer either full scale treatment systems or polishing systems that will seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.

Furthermore, because of the unique oil-removal properties of the MyCelx ® System, these units can be installed directly in line with your Reverse Osmosis Systems to protect the membranes from costly oil fouling. The MyCelx ® system will pick up any oil residue (including sheen) in the system before the water reaches the membrane.

MyCelx ® systems have the least waste of any absorbent / sludge-based system on the market as well as a much smaller footprint. MyCelx ® Water Treatment Systems can be used for the following:

  1. Process Cooling Water
  2. Boiler Condensate
  3. Oily Wastewater
  4. Washwater
  5. Reverse Osmosis Protection
  6. Polishing of Effluent

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