Pond Rehabilitation | Cleanout

The cleanout of silt, sediment and organic material is necessary maintenance for all Storm Water Management [SWM] Ponds, Sewage Treatment Lagoons and Fire Ponds so that they can retain their functional capacity.  Ground Force's solution to this problem is environmentally friendly, quick, non-intrusive and keeps the odors down as many of these ponds are in the middle of residential areas.

The natural water is pumped out of the pond and filtered through dewatering bags, which collects much of the silt and sediment and allows the water to be discharged to a natural environment. Ground Force then cleans the pond of any large debris and residential trash. Once the pond is clean of all debris, a solidification agent (non-toxic to aquatic or terrestrial organisms) is then mixed to the remaining silt and sediment so that it meets the Sump Test for disposal and transportation compliance requirements, as well as controlling the odor.

The solidification agent can be mixed In-Situ or Ex-Situ, is inert in aerobic and anaerobic conditions and greatly reduces the sediment removal time. Depending on the makeup of the silt and sediment, the material can now be disposed of into clean fill sites, regulated disposal sites, used as compacted backfill or incinerated.  As well, residents are happy as the project was completed quickly, the odor was not strong and wet slop was not spilled throughout their neighborhood's streets.

Case Study