Peter Misener, C.Tech, EP
Peter Misener is a Canadian Certified Environmental Practitioner and graduated from the Water Resources Engineering Technology program. Since then, Pete has continued his water education, taking multiple NGWA and MOE courses and has received his MOE Well technician license.

Peter Misener currently holds the position of VP of Technologies / Project Manager for GFEI and he specializes in source removal which includes the design, installation, operation and maintenance of water treatment systems to successfully remediate contaminants. Pete has been working in the Environmental industry for the past 20 years in a variety of roles and applications as a contractor, consultant, field technologist and water treatment system specialist. Drawing on his vast hands-on and project management experience in the groundwater remediation field (pump and treat, in-situ & ex-situ bioremediation, multiphase extraction, air sparging, oxidation and off-site disposal), Pete is often able to offer multiple solutions to the remediation concern, giving the property owner options that best suit their individual needs.

While specializing in the treatment of groundwater (both environmental and industrial), Peter also has vast experience in soil remediation, from a simple tank pull to full site remediation including demolition, excavation and soil remediation (ex-situ and in-situ) for both chlorinated and petroleum hydrocarbon impacts. Whatever the remediation concern, Peter's passion is to clean up the environment and prides himself on offering standard techniques and methodologies as well as "out of the box" solutions, utilizing as much innovation as possible to achieve the clients goals within a reasonable budget with the least intrusion to ongoing operations as possible.