Underground Tank Removal

Underground Storage Tanks greater than 10 years old must be removed and replaced as per Ontario Regulation 213/01. In order to complete this work, Ground Force Environmental Inc. is a registered Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) contractor (required to meet Ontario Regulation 217/01 of the Liquid Fuels Handling Code), a member of the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association (OPCA) and employ certified Petroleum Equipment Mechanics and Helpers (PMH, PM1 & PM2) to meet Ontario Regulation 216/01 for the activities and handling of all fuel and oil storage tanks in Ontario.

Ground Force's Underground Oil Tank Removal program is in compliance with all government regulations and includes the sampling of the surrounding soil by a third party to ensure that there has been no oil spill or environmental impact. In the worst case scenario that an oil tank has leaked over the years, Ground Force is fully equipped to offer cost-effective remediation options to ensure that there are no future environmental concerns or further environmental impacts.

As part of our full-service tank removal package, Ground Force will:

  • Complete utility locates
  • Mobilize all necessary labour, material and equipment to complete the storage tank installation or removal
  • Drain lines and vent pipes will be removed and disposed of off-site or recycled if at all possible
  • Remove and dispose of remaining product inside the tank
  • Ensure that the soil is sampled by a third party
  • Backfill
  • Complete any restoration activities, as required
  • Ensure that all work performed meets the standards of the current Liquid Fuels Handling Code and that all supervisory personnel are trained & certified Petroleum Equipment Mechanics.

Services offered:

  • Underground Storage Tank removals (UST)
  • Aboveground Storage Tank removals (AST)
  • In-Situ cleaning of Tanks
  • In-Situ Tank Decommissioning
  • Gas, diesel, heating oil and chemical storage tanks
  • Storage tank installations according to regulations
  • Insurance claims for residential, commercial and industrial fuel tank leaks
  • Remediation Options – both soil remediation and groundwater remediation