Solidification and Stabilization

Solidification and Stabilization is a remediation technique that relies on the reaction between a binder and soil to stop / prevent or reduce the migration of contaminants.  Ground Force uses an environmentally friendly solidification agent that converts liquids to solids in a matter of minutes.  The high adsorption capability of the solidification agent promotes encapsulation for heavy metals and organic contaminants (both Micro and Macro Encapsulation) and it operates on a wide range of pH, has low exothermic reaction during treatment and greatly reduces the odor.

The solidification agent is non-toxic to aquatic or terrestrial organisms and inert in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.  Once the material is solidified, not only is the odour greatly reduced, but it is also compatible with incineration of municipal solid waste and can be compacted for roadways.

Treats solids to pass all the following tests:

  • Slump Test – CSA Test Method A23.25C
  • Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure – EPA Test Method 1311
  • Liquid Release Test – EPA Test Method 9096
  • Paint Filter Liquids Test – EPA Test Method 9095
  • Leachable BTEX [Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl benzene and Xylenes]
  • Solids meet Class II Landfill Criteria