Oil Spill Booms

Rapid Deployment Booms:

MyCelx®  Rapid Deployment Booms is an extendable containment boom (comes in seizes of either 100’ or 150’ long) in a convenient storage and disposal drum that can be used to contain an oil spill or as a preventive measure. The oil containment booms incorporate a unique, patented polymer that is capable of permanently removing fuel, sheen and oil in water. The polymer binds together and coagulates the hydrocarbons, specifically altering oils and water soluble organics into a water repellant mass. MyCelx®  Rapid Containment Booms prevent weathering and separation of pollutants on contact, will not become waterlogged and can be re-used until they are fully saturated.

  • Easily deployed and retrieved back into storage container for future use.
  • Will remain effective indefinitely on water without water logging and sinking.
  • Multiple drums can be attached together for continuous barrier.
  • Virtually zero water drag-out.

Sheen Devil:

The MyCelx® Sheen Devil is simply a better version of the standard Oil Absorbent Sock and Oil Absorbent Booms. The Sheen Devil incorporates the MyCelx® polymer into an 8" x 10' boom that can be easily attached to additional Sheen Devils for longer containment. The Sheen Devil has 10 times the surface area at 1/10 the weight of conventional booms / socks. The Sheen Devil instantly & permanently attaches to the oil and prevents weathering and the formation of tarballs and sheen.

Technical Data Sheet