MyCelx Oil and Odor Removal Air Filters

Key Operating Features of MyCelx Oil and Odor Removal Filters:

  • The same filter effectively removes oil, VOC's, hydrocarbon odors and particulate emissionsAbility to upgrade existing air handling devices to both oil and odor removal without any capital cost increase
  • Permanent immobilization of the contaminants in the MyCelx matrix. No re-release
  • Pressure drop across MyCelx filters is exactly identical to existing filters - hence no increase in energy consumption
  • 4 times lower operating and maintenance cost than standard air filters and adsorbents to remove 1 lb of contaminant from air completely
  • Does not cause or promote biological growth unlike any standard filters
  • Lower Energy costs due to reduction or elimination of downstream oil fouling in air handling or HVAC equipments
  • More contaminant removal capacity and efficiency than standard filters to the same low pressure drop
  • It is delivered in standard air filter dimensions and can fit into most standard mist collectors, air handlers and HVAC units
  • 800‐1200 cfm per 24" x 24" filter @ 0.1 inch water pressure drop 

Meta: Air Filters that remove oil, VOCs, hydrocarbon odors and particulate emissions without pressure drop.